Resume (2018)

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Eric Bishard – Software Engineer

[!] What you need to know I Have

  • AS Degree in Digital Media (FullSail University)
  • 15+ Years of graphic design & web development experience
  • Strong HTML, CSS & JavaScrtipt
  • Advanced understanding of Angular & React
  • Solid Responsive Design skills
  • Access training. I can learn quick!

What I can bring to the table

I strive to build software that is enjoyable to use with superior user experiences. I have been practicing graphic design, building applications and user interfaces since 1999. Having worked in the Real Estate, Energy and Automotive industries, as well as being a freelance designer, I have a multitude of experiences to build on that I believe help me to acclimate to any work environment a new job can throw at me.

I’m looking for a home where I can practice and further develop my software engineering skills by building well documented, easily maintainable and easy to use applications. In my experience I have seen the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. But I believe that with focus, iteration and practicing test driven development we can build amazing software that will have a positive impact on users and create less technical debt to the companies I work for.

[=] Skills


Strong: Responsive Design, Foundation 5, ASP, ASP.Net, MVC, SQL Server, Visual Studio IDE
Experience with: C#, JavaScript,  jQuery, CSS, LESS and SASS
Entry Level: PHP, MySQL, PHP My Admin and WordPress


Visual Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, SQL Server, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Terminal Services


Ableton, Adobe Audition, After Effects & Premier,

[*] Education


Graduated in 2001 with an Associate of Science Degree in Digital Media

[+] Training


I currently use and Coursera for a lot of my training in various Software Engineering categories. I do this on my own time tackling courses that will help me level up in areas I could use polishing up existing skills or learning completely new ones. lately I have been focusing on math for big data engineers and State management with Flux and Redux as well as trying to get to a comfortable level in React like I am with Angular. I feel it is essential to work with several libraries and Frameworks and use the one that makes more sense depending on the project, requirements and team. This helps me to be able to do that.


I am currently enrolled in the Front-End Track at and workling nightly to refresh all of my fron-end developer skills. LEt’s face it, it has been 13 years since I took these classes in a real classroom and although I use most of these skills on a daily basis, I have enrolled to not only brush up myself, but to gain knowledge of the course material for my kids which are getting to the age where I may start them on a learning track. When it comes to HTML, CSS & JavaScript basics, I think Treehouse is one of the best places to learn these skills. Despite already knowing most of the content, I have learned a lot from taking these courses and I find them very enjoyable.

[$] Employment


I have been working as a freelance web developer for the past 10 years on the side of being a part-time Real Estate Appraiser. I build small to medium sized responsive websites for local businesses. A full list of all websites available to this date can be acquired upon request. I specialize in ASP.NET MVC using C# and Entity Framework and have limited PHP and MySQL knowledge for building WordPress sites. I am very comfortable designing and developing using Zurb’s Foundation 5 or Bootstrap.


I currently work for NDR Appraisal as an appraiser. In this job I drive all over Florida doing specialized appraisal services. Miami, Ft Myers, Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando and everywhere in between is my office from Wednesday to Friday. I am given a company car and debit card and required to keep receipts and mileage. I am trusted with sensitive client data and scheduling my own appointments when needed. Specialized skills require inspections and report writing of those appraisals.


I worked for SDG Interactive from 2001 until 2004 and continued as an independent contractor from 2004 and continue to assist with consulting . This was a full service web design company with 50+ local clients most of whom I or my partner curated personally. I acted as a Senior Web Developer and SQL Server DB Manager. We used Classic ASP to develop managed & data driven content as well as basic HTML & CSS websites.