2014 Developer Podcasts

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Best Devcasts of 2014:

Podcasts about web development!

1. .NET Rocks
1-b. The Tablet Show
(No new Tablet Shows past March 31, 2014-
 instead: We get an extra DNR each week)

2. Hanselminutes
3. This Developers Life
4. Shop Talk Show
5. The Big Web Show
6. Javascript Jabber
7. Get Up And Code with John Sonmez
8. Herding Code
9. Yet Another Podcast (Jesse Liberty)
10. The East Wing with Tim Smith
11. Gone Mobile with Greg Shackles
12. Happy Monday
13. Pixel Recess with Paul Armstrong
14. The Changelog
15. Radio TFS (Team Foundation Server
16. Debug (Devcasts for iP*, Games & Macs)
17. Build Podcast (Screencast all things dev)
18. The Stack Exchange Podcast

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If you want to find every way possible to learn about web development then audio podcasts are just one way to become more familiar not only with developer jargon, but also technique and best practices. I listen in my downtime, drive time, whenever. My favorite times to listen are when working out or long drives. I have a part time job where I drive for 10+ hours three days a week. This is the perfect time to take advantage of my downtime and listen to these podcasts. They are educational and entertaining. Sometimes, I don’t care if they are talking about a technology I’m trained in, because it’s all related in some way and you can apply things learned about each technology to others. It’s a great way of just tuning in to whats going on in developer tech without investing actual work. Now let’s be honest, if you want to expand on what you hear you will need to put fingers to keyboard and put in the work. You can pick up a lot about a technology just by listening to people talk about it on a podcast. There is great value in this type of learning. It’s like you are a fly on the wall in a room of really smart developers. Even if you are a super noob, I would argue it is even more important to listen to these podcasts. Maybe you will hear about something that is perfect for that next project. The personalities are another aspect of these shows that is just wonderful, these guys and gals really grow on you. There is one problem, if you don’t know what podcasts to look for, you could end up listening to a bunch of rubbish before finding the good stuff. I have tried to pick some of the best shows with good info and great personalities. I’m going to give you my top 10 and a few others (like spin offs of these top 10 shows). I have been listening for years to most of these shows. I can guarantee that they are chock full of good info. Hopefully you will find them as valuable as I do.

I am an ASP.net developer, so it would only be proper for me to start out the list with the most listened to podcast in the Dot Net world.

1. .NET Rocks
Hosted by Carl Franklin (originally) and Richard Campbell (since episode 100). which is a long time considering that at the time of this writing they are up to episode 905. Some of the .NET legends they have had on the show are guys and gals like: Billy Hollis, Chris Sells, Scott Hanselman, Dino Esposito, Tim Huckaby, Scott Guthrie, Kathleen Dollard, Rocky Lhotka, Fritz Onion, Mark Dunn, Shawn Wildermuth, Jesse Liberty, Jeff Atwood, Jeff Palermo, Julie Lerman, Phil Haack, Scott Hunter, Ward Bell, Kate Gregory, Michelle Leroux Bustamante, Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Allen, John Papa, Glenn Block, Jeff Fritz and John Sonmez, just to name a few. All Microsoft royalty in their own rights. This show has aired steadily since the start of .NET back in 2002 and is one of my best sources for picking up .NET from the start. I find myself listening even when things get over my head. But it also allows me t pick those things up easier when I come across those subjects and it also gives me an idea of what direction I should take in learning something new.

1-b. The Tablet Show
Over 2 1/2 years The Tablet Show has broadcasted 130 podcast episodes about Mobile and Tablet Development. As of March 31st 2014, The Tablet Show interviews and all future shows that would have normally been in this space will be broadcasted under Dot Net Rocks, so we don’t really lose the Tablet Show, instead we gain an extra Dot Net Rocks episode each week (Wednesdays) which will be geared toward Tablet or Mobile development. If you would like to hear the explanation of why this is, take a listen to the last Tablet Show Podcast because Carl and Richard can explain this much better than I can. It’s only a few minutes long. Also, Please don’t forget that Richard Campbell also has his own show Run as Radio) that is a bit more on the Microsoft IT side and has been going strong since 2007 and continues to this day and a new episode is done every week.

2. Hanselminutes
Hosted by Scott Hanselman, this is another .NET oriented show, but it’s also more about interviewing interesting people in the Microsoft world and outside it. Scott is a teacher first and rock star second. You will see a lot of guests that you would see on .NET Rocks here as well. Scott has also hosted or co-hosted 2 other shows (This Developers Life and Ratchet and the Geek. For the sake of learning to be a developer, Ratchet and the geek may not help out so much as it entertains. But that brings us to our next cast.

3. This Developers Life
Hosted by Rob Conery & Scott Hanselman. An extension or spinoff of Hanselminutes. Submit to the custom selected music beds and the smooth voice of Rob Conery who has the audacity to mess with success by getting deeply involved in web development, be it front end or back end, Microsoft stack or not. It touches on the philosophical and challenges you to think about this developers life. Oh yeah and Scott Hanselman hosts the show with him and adds a ying to to Rob’s yang. I’m hoping they crank out some more episodes soon! One of my fav’s of all time. Brilliant show!

4. Shop Talk Show
Hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. As we completely leave the Microsoft stack, we remember what got us to this party in the first place. Most of us started out playing with HTML and CSS and there are also some who dabbled in Java Script before the $sign was a big deal. This show focuses on front end development with some talk about stacks like Ruby on Rails and Python or Nodejs. We learn about CSS from the master Chris Coyier, founder of CSS-Tricks and his main man Dave Rupert lead developer at Paravel, yeah the guys who helped build the responsive Microsoft homepage… hey, wait a minute. This is Shop Talk, what are we doing talking about Microsoft…. Don’t let Dave’s awkward cadence and silly sound banks fool you. He’s been a front end guy since before responsive design was cool and although he once thought that pinch zoom was cool and we didn’t need RWD, he is now a GURU in all things fluid. These guys bring a lot to the web game and of the shows listed so far would bring the most value to a beginning web developer demystifying complex subjects with rapid fire! Click click….. wait for it….. Boom!

5. The Big Web Show
Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman. The Big Web Show has won some awards and features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It’s everything web that matters.

Jeffrey Zeldman is an entrepreneur, web designer, author, podcaster and speaker on web design. He is the founder of the web design studio Happy Cog. He also is involved with A List Apart and is a role model to many developers and front end designers because of his pioneering in web learning, speaking and all things in between. He has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the web.

The shows are actually located on two different websites with the more recent shows being on MULE RADIO. Check em out!

The Big Web Show (CURRENT)
The Big Web Show (ARCHIVES)

6. Javascript Jabber
Everything Javascript. This weekly podcast covers pretty much every javascript framework in a series of entertaining and hardcore javascript programming. Want to get up to speed with all the amazing advancements in JS technology and find out about all of the frameworks which can be confusing to even the smartest programmers and developers? Start here!

8. Herding Code
Featuring K. Scott Allen (OdeToCode), Kevin Dente, Scott Koon (Lazycoder) & Jon Galloway. This is a podcast that covers many topics mostly related to Dot Net development using Visual Studio & C#, but there are no rules and conversations can take them wherever current development goes. Call the hotline! (877) 394-1632.

9. The East Wing
Focused on overall web & front end design, Tim Smith brings you The East Wing. A weekly interview show featuring established and up-and-coming designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. I learned about this show listening to SHop Talk Show, and Tim has interviewed Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert… I know “DANG!” I said the same thing. They do this. Anyways. I have just recently been turned onto this one and the more recent episodes are better quality than the first few, but that is to be expected. With that said,it is a great show with great interviews. Some of the interviews are everyday programmers like you and me! 3 thumbs up!

10. The Stack Exchange Podcast
Find the entire catalog of the Stack Exchange (an expert knowledge exchange) and Stack Overflow podcasts. Hosted by Joel Spolsky and Jay Hanlon, listen in on their weekly update call where they discuss and make their decisions about the Stack Exchange Network. The podcast gives you an unparalleled view into how a startup is created and built.

14. The Changelog
The Changelog is a member supported podcast that covers the intersection of software development and open source.
Launched in November of 2009 as a kind of a happy accident, they have published hundreds of podcast episodes collectively serving an average of 160,000 listens per month. All the efforts of The Changelog are backed by the members who support them through membership. The Changelog is hosted by DigitalOcean and published using WordPress.

More descriptions to come, my list has been updated so I need to add some new descriptions.

The list above is my best attempt at providing a well rounded list of web developer and front end oriented podcasts to aid you in learning and to help you become a better programmer. Don’t get turned off just because some of these shows might be talking about things you are not aware of. That’s the point. Dive in head first and just listen. I found that after about a few months of listening to everything I could get my hands on, I was much more knowledgeable and well rounded when it came to other languages and technologies that I use to be ignorant about. Are you a Microsoft guy? Then you should make it a point to listen to the podcasts about Ruby or PHP. If your a Rails guy, maybe you should listen to a few podcasts that talk about MVC and C#. Backend Guru? Listen to Talk Shop Show or JavaSCript Jabber and learn about front end in a way that no one else can provide to you.

These are real conversations about technologies and listening in helps you to understand basic concepts and sometimes even core concepts you never knew about. Turn on, Tune in and get coding!