JSPM, SystemJs, Aurelia and a Web API

These are the technologies that are at the foundation of my current web stack that I am learning and coming from an ASP.NET background, it feels really good. Some of the variables that affect what technology I choose in my job are the fact that I am supporting internal applications, I am connecting to an […]

Emmet (formerly Zen Code) Examples

First I just want to note that Emmet was previously called Zen Coding, to be honest I had heard of both, but when I went to write this article I did so because I could not find any examples of Zen Coding. The reason is because I wasn’t searching for Emmet. So if that is […]

Dive Into Everything!

Getting into web design or development is like swimming in a rip current. If you don’t just let go and let the current take you for a ride you will exhaust yourself trying to go about it the wrong way. What the hell does that mean Eric? To me it means that web and mobile […]

Install MongoDB on Windows 8

Installing MongoDB on Windows 7 or 8 1) Go to mongodb.org/downloads and select the option to download the latest product release forWindows and you will have an option of choosing 32 bit or 64 bit. A 32 bit install has a limitation of about 2 GB of data. For developing, 32 bit is ok, but […]

Launch Sublime Text in Windows Command Line

As I start to delve into the JavaScript development world, I am using the command line more and more often as well as ditching Visual Studio for small projects or demos, etc.. Either way, I was looking for a way to launch Sublime Text from the Windows Command line. Below are the steps I took […]

Scaffold divs with T4 Template for Foundation 5 in MVC

Disclaimer: I have had problems following this tutorial in MVC 5.1, if anyone knows why or how to effectively edit the T4 templates for scaffolding in the most recent versions of MVC please contact me. Use this tutorial at your own risk. I’m going to relay the instructions I used to do this on my […]

SVG graphics not working in Windows Server/IIS 7.5

The only reason I put IIS 7.5 in the post is because that is the example I provide here, but the instructions are similar on older versions of IIS, just find the MIME Types and you should be able to use the same values. So most of my new sites have been using responsive frameworks […]

ASP.NET MVC 5 Image Upload & Delete w/ Calculated Property

So I have had the need for an implementation of Uploading and Deleting a single image for a product on a few of my client websites where the requirements call for no more than one image for each product. My solution is creating a calculated property within my POCO class that strips the spaces out […]

Session Links for Designing Responsively in ASP.NET MVC

From my Session at Orlando Code Camp (March 22, 2014) Designing Responsively in ASP.NET MVC 5 Here are the links that I used to develop the session and/or good places to go to learn about anything I covered in the session. Thank you for coming out to Orlando Code Camp if you made it. If […]

Installing Foundation 5 in a MVC5 Full Internet Application

Disclaimer: The only reason I am able to bring you these easy instructions on how to install Foundation 5 in ASP.NET MVC 5 is because of Ed Charbeneau’s NuGet Extension (Zurb Foundation 5.1.1 for MVC and Sass) which makes the addition of Foundation 5 to any ASP.NET project 10 times easier and Mindscape’s Web Workbench […]