My –hot React Summer

This will be a short article highlighting my experience as an Angular developer tasking himself with learning React in a month. I wanted to share with you my latest experience. In June of 2017, I was laid off from what I thought was my dream job working as a UI engineer for Tesla. I don’t […]

Creating a Successful Meetup at Your Company

If you are a developer and work at a large company I would like to share with you several reasons why you should start a meetup. Noticing a lack of events and forums where developers could talk about front end development and all things related at my company, I came up with an idea to […]

Running Docker on GoDaddy

After setting up an account on AWS to run linux and Docker for a web API project I was starting, I thought I would try to setup Docker on GoDaddy, as I had a server running there also. Below is a link and some info I found very helpful during the process. Not writing a […]

Resources for Solving a Rubik’s Cube

It is a right of passage for any engineer or programmer to solve their first Rubik’s cube. People may tell you that they learned on their own how to do this, but that is highly unlikely. They most likely found a set of instructions that they tirelessly walked through over and over in order to […]

JSPM, SystemJs, Aurelia and a Web API

These are the technologies that are at the foundation of my current web stack that I am learning and coming from an ASP.NET background, it feels really good. Some of the variables that affect what technology I choose in my job are the fact that I am supporting internal applications, I am connecting to an […]

History of Aurelia in Articles and Podcasts

Aug 19th, 2009 Herding Code 57: Presentation Patterns (PART 1) Herding Code 58: Presentation Patterns (PART 2) Aug 16, 2011 Build Your Own MVVM Framework Aug 24th, 2009 Herding Code 104: Rob Eisenberg on Caliburn Micro Feb 7th, 2011 Herding Code 151 – Rob Eisenberg on RPGWithMe, Durandal and XAML VS. HTML5 Development Feb 17, […]

TSD has moved locations, we now use (typings)

I’m not going to go that in depth here, but I figure the more articles out there with this information pointing to the correct sites to get the latest info on TypeScript definitions, the better. What has happened and why is the cheese not where I left it? As of early 2016, Definitely Typed has […]

Angular 1.5, Components, docs and info

One of my favorite resources for Angular 1.5 information aside from the Angular docs is Todd Motto‘s blog. He has several great articles on Angular 1.5 and many more interesting things like React and overall JavaScript goodness, below I Have created a list of the Angular 1.5 specific material I have found very handy from […]


Links for the Jason-3 Launch Youtube Hosted Webcast Surf Beach @ElonMusk @SpaceX Targeted liftoff of the Falcon 9 with the Jason-3 satellite is scheduled for 10:42 a.m. PST with a 30-second launch window. Zero percent chance of weather issues. With this mission, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver the Jason-3 satellite to low-Earth orbit for […]

CSS Selector Cheat Sheet

CSS Selectors and how they work Single Selectors The most basic way to use CSS and selectors is to affect all of one type of tag or class, to do this you simply use that tag or class name as the one and only selector followed by your curly braces and inside those braces set […]