Getting Started with Angular

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We are not going to focus on versions of angular simply because when I say Angular I mean versions 2+ and I will try to focus on topics that are widely used patterns in Angular so that version should be the last thing on our minds, just know that if I say AngularJs for any reason I mean Angular 1.x.

I want to make a set of articles starting with basic concepts and moving into more advanced functionality of Angular, join me over the next few articles as we discuss “Getting Started with Angular”.

It has been two years since I have used Angular I decided to bow out during the release of Angular 2 as it reminded me of things like Tesla’s Model X release. Just long and drawn out and w a lot of pain. I moved onto Aurelia and built a few applications for production at SolarCity one of which has worked as intended the day we launched and we literally don’t have to touch it. it does it’s job, it’s not complicated to maintain. But I have focused most of my time on the backed and it has been two difficult years of a lot of learning but I am happy to truly be able to work full stack, but I have decided to switch positions, take what I have learned and apply it to building Angular applications and focusing on the front end and HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Because this is what I love to do I am deciding that documenting as much of my re-entry into the front end, I would like to help others make it through this journey and there for I will create articles around area I think I can help explain to otters the pitfalls and gotchas as well as just work through solving problems, which in the end is all Software Engineering is.

I am going to assume that people know JavaScript and have had some Angular experience in the past, you should be able to get your own app started with the CLI or manually and that you can create a component and a module. I am going to start with what I think is the first real area the needs explaining “Routing”

Let’s get back to work!

Single and Multi-Slot Projection

articles coming soon:

A0: This article
A1: Single and Multi-Slot Projection
A2: Cross Component Data Sharing
A3: Components
A3: Services and Friends
A4: Wrapping popular Libraries

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