Running Docker on GoDaddy

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After setting up an account on AWS to run linux and Docker for a web API project I was starting, I thought I would try to setup Docker on GoDaddy, as I had a server running there also. Below is a link and some info I found very helpful during the process.

Not writing a lot on this issue, just wanted to draw attention to this github repo and resource for setting up Docker on GoDaddy.

Docker Machine GoDaddy Driver

$ curl -L | sudo bash

Download latest docker-machine-driver-godaddy from GitHub Releases, copy to a directory included in your environment PATH:

$ curl -L$(uname -s) > docker-machine-driver-godaddy
$ chmod +x docker-machine-driver-godaddy
$ mv docker-machine-driver-godaddy /usr/local/lib/ # use sudo if necessary

Ensure Go and Godep are installed and $GOPATH is set.

$ go get -u
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make build
$ make install

Any additional information you need is most likely on the Github page for the driver.

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