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modular compnents
Angular 1.5 Components
One of my favorite resources for Angular 1.5 information aside from the Angular docs is Todd Motto‘s blog. He has several great articles on Angular 1.5 and many more interesting things like React and overall JavaScript goodness, below I Have created a list of the Angular 1.5 specific material I have found very handy from his site:

Exploring the Angular 1.5 .component() method
Angular component() method back-ported to 1.3+
One-way data-binding in Angular 1.5
Stateless Angular components
$onInit and new “require” Object syntax in Angular components/

Todd is one of the authors of the two very popular Angular style guides (Todd Motto / John Papa) and so I will provide a link to hiss Angular 1x Style Guide.
Todd’s AngulaJS Style Guide

Just as I have been a big fan of Todd Motto I have been following John Papa, who has a slightly different style of Angular 1x Style Guide, arguably a little more widely used. I have been using John Papa’s style guide most of the time I have been developing Angular apps. John Papa also has some great articles on his website which covers SPA application design, not necessarily Angular 1.5 related, but worth a mention. Most of John’s content that involves Angular can be found on Pluralsight, so I will link to his style guide and a few of his courses that I think are worth mentioning in this topic.

John’s AngularJS Style Guide

Some of John’s Pluralsight courses:
AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code
Visual Studio Code
Angular 2: First Look

Another great resource for Angular 1.5 articles (and some of the most content I have seen from one place) is available on Aviv Ben-Yosef’s blog where he talks about the new Multiple Transclusion slots (Ohhh Yeahhh!!) as well as the Component Router. Here is a huge list of the 1.5 articles from Aviv and a few that led up to the 1.5 release time frame that I enjoyed reading and are beneficial to read in chronological order.

Angular 2 Preparation: Controller Code Smells
Angular 2 Preparation: Killing Controllers
Lazy Loading Your First Component in Angular
Angular 1.5 is close – here’s the interesting parts
Angular’s .component – what is it good for?
Configuring components with ui-router and ngRoute
Adding the first Angular 2 component to your Angular 1 app
Writing Pragmatic Angular Components
What is the Component Router? Can you start using it?
Using Angular 1.5’s Multiple Transclusion Slots

We can’t forget the lead developer on the Angular 1.5 rrelease Peter Bacon Darwin, who has released the following article on the AngularJS blog:

Angular 1.5.0 – ennoblement-facilitation has been released!

Peter also appeared on the Adventures in Angular Podcast which is high on the list of my favorite developer podcasts.

#081 AiA – Angular 1.5 with Peter Bacon Darwin

While we are on the topic of more official Angular 1.5 articles and docs, we must link to the AngularJS Developer Guide for the version 1.5 build which is found here on the AngularJS docs site.

Guide to AngularJS Documentation

Finally I have just a few articles that are not specifically related to Angular 1.5 but are worth noting as things are changing in Angular 1.3+ and up to 2.0, so here are some random things to think about:

Angular 2.0 is being written in TypeScript and this language is also the preferred way to write an Angular 2.0 application. I have been preparing by getting a head start and writing my Angular 1x apps in TypeScript:
TypeScript Language

Angular TSD files were the type definition files that give you things like intellisense and types in your IDE but has been deprecated (I’m still using them) and you should eventually start using Typings, the new TypeScript definitions manager:
More info on TSD Deprecation

More Component stuff to think about
Component Pattern for Angular JS 1.X
Angular JS 1.5 – ES6 Module Unit testing

Additional Blogs to find great Angular Content spanning the 1.x to 2.0 area:
Creating Angular 2 Style Components Using Angular 1 (Part I)
Creating Angular 2 Style Components Using Angular 1 (Part 2)

Victor Savkin Blog
Why JavaScript Needs Types
The Core Concepts of Angular 2

Creating Container Components, Part 1: Shadow DOM
Creating Container Components, Part 2: Angular 1.3 Directives
Creating Container Components, Part 3: Angular 2 Component Directives
Multiple Transclusion and named Slots
Angular — New features in Angular 1.5

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