TSD has moved locations, we now use (typings)

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I’m not going to go that in depth here, but I figure the more articles out there with this information pointing to the correct sites to get the latest info on TypeScript definitions, the better.

What has happened and why is the cheese not where I left it?

As of early 2016, Definitely Typed has been deprecated. So if you currently go to any of the below sites:

definitelytyped.org/tsd/ or

in order to look for typing’s or to get the command to install a specific typing or to browse docs, then you should consider if your in the right place. If you have a older site or demo that works while using these typing’s, then you might be ok. But if you are starting new development or teaching about using typings with TypeScript you need to get up to speed on typings.

Use the link which takes you directly to the typings github page. And also check out this issue on github: Deprecate TSD or you can get the idea from the initial post in thisgithub issue:

The Typings project (https://github.com/typings/typings) has evolved and can currently consume DefinitelyTyped as a subset of the ecosystem. This improvement has effectively make TSD maintenance redundant and over time definitions should be written as external modules with typings.json, or converted inline with libraries for the TypeScript compiler to consume directly.

This issue will be closed when an official website for Typings is created and improved documentation can be linked to. Currently it serves as a notice for new or existing users.

To continuing installing type definitions from DefinitelyTyped, remember to use the --ambient flag (everything in DefinitelyTyped is essentially “global”).

You can find most of what you will need on making the change in this github issue.

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