Developer Podcasts in 2018

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Devcasts (Software Engineering/Development Podcasts)

A fresh source of best web and technology relevant podcasts in 2017, a curated and up to date list of podcasts that talk about the technology you want to know about.

Shop Talk Show
Javascript Jabber
Javascript Air
Adventures in Angular
React Podcast
React Native Radio
React 30
.NET Rocks
Away From the Keyboard
This Developers Life
Telerik: Eat Sleep Code
The Changelog
Herding Code
Hello World Podcast
HTTP 203
The Pete on Software
Dev Hell
Developer Tea
Get Up and Code
Angular Air
The Web Ahead
Code Pen Radio
Coding Blocks
3 Devs and a Maybe
Responsive Web Design
CodeWinds (JS)
Ruby Rogues
Non Breaking Space Show
Mentoring Developers Podcast
Stack Exchange Podcast
Gone Mobile
Radio TFS
Build (Screencast)
Yet Another Podcast
Web Friends
Ladies in Tech
The Big Web Show
Developer on Fire
Architecture Cast
Front End Happy Hour
Code Newbie Podcast
The Bike Shed
Modern Web
ctrl+click cast
Request for Commits
Functional Geekery
Software Engineering Radio
The Web Platform
FullStack Radio
Coder Radio
Software Defined Talk

Devops Podcasts

Arrested Devops

Language/Platform Specific Podcasts

Mostly Erlang/
Java Posse/
Ruby on Rails Podcast
New Rustacean (Rust)
Python Bytes
Talk Python
From Python Import Podcast
Go Time
JS Party
Microsoft Cloud

Technology News and Other Shit

Radio Motherboard (VICE)
Brooch on Computing

Design/UX Podcasts

The Dirt
Pencil vs Pixel
How To Hold a Pencil
Design & UX
Draft Podcast
On The Grid
UX Podcast
User Interface Engineering
The UX Intern

Business and Startup Podcasts

EO Fire
Bloomberg’s Decrypted
Giant Robots Podcast (Smashing into other Giant Robots)
Show Me Your Mic
Accidental Tech Podcast
Kickatastic Screencast
Unfinished Business
Soft Skills Engineering

Game Development

The Clockwork Game Design Podcast
Building The Game

Electric Technology & Vehicle Podcasts

Ride the Lightning (Tesla Podcast)
The Tesla Show
Talking Tesla
The Energy Gang Podcast
Second Silicon
The Amp Hour

Earthly Science

Undiscovered (Science Friday)
Outside Podcast

Space News

Space Geeks
Star Talk Radio


Vice Podcasts
Vice Meets

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