Best of The Web Ahead Podcast for 2014

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I have been posting the most recent podcasts of about every devcast there is over the past year. Somehow, when I relisted my links for 2014 I deleted The Web Ahead and somehow forgot about them. They have not been on my radar since December of of 2013. So I have decided to dedicate an entire blog post to the best of The Web Ahead IMO, since I deleted them from my list on accident in Dec/2013. SO pretty much every show on the list except the first is from 2014. Enjoy! These are some great shows. I have caught up with nearly the entire 2014 season over the past few weeks and here are my picks for the favorites.

  1. 58: CSS Innovation with Lea Verou
  2. 63: The Latest in CSS with Chris Coyier
  3. 65: The Future of the Web Stack with Simon St. Laurent
  4. 66: Web Components with Peter Gasston
  5. 71: Web Design Education with Leslie Jensen-Inman
  6. 74: HTML Semantics with Bruce Lawson
  7. 77: Advanced Accessibility with Derek Featherstone

I have since added them back to the list, check out all of their shows here!

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