So You Want to Get Angular Mr Dot Net?

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If you are not aware that the future of Micrtosoft ASP.Net MVC & Web API will be integrating Angular into the mix within the next few updates of not only the .NET Framework but also Visual Studio, you probably have not listened to this podcast: Yet Another Podcast – Show 119 ASP NET, AngularJS & Breeze or listened to any Microsoft MVP from John Papa to John Galloway speak on this subject.

And if you have not heard this podcast, but you are interested about what Angular could bring to your ASP.NET application, go ahead and check out the following Yet Another Podcast episodes which all center around one main theme (Angular and JavaScript). They include guests such as Scott Hunter, Ward Bell, John Papa, Jon Galloway, Ari Lerner, Brian Noyes and Elijah Manor.

Yet Another Podcast – Show 120 Breeze Roundtable

Yet Another Podcast – Show 121 ASP AngularJS Roundtable

Yet Another Podcast – Show 122 JavaScript: Core Concepts

The Dot Net Rocks podcast just released an interesting episode “SPA Update with John Papa”. Angular the main topic and one thing they talk about is why you would want to learn Angular as a Dot Net Developer. Is it the right time? Is Angular the flavor of the month or here to stay? I thought this episode would be a great addition to the podcasts above as required listening for any Dot Net Developers taking the AngularJS dive. Here it is:

SPA Update with John Papa

So what is my point here? Angular is winning the JavaScript (Front-End) MVC Framework popularity contest, not only because it’s a Google backed open-source JS framework, but because it is  back-end agnostic and allows mere mortals to get into Asynchronous JavaScript front-end programming very easily. Of course Microsoft has waited to see who would emerge victor of this JS Framework competition, but it really wasn’t even a competition. Angular wins hands down.

But what you need to pay attention to as an ASP.NET (MVC/WEB API or even WEB FORMS) Developer is when someone like Scott Hunter (Principal Program Manager Lead of the ASP.NET team) goes on a podcast along side other Microsoft MVP’s and says things like:

“My perspective is probably more than just a perspective, I want to talk about where we see this whole Angular thing in the future and how we at Microsoft are looking at it. So if you look at the history of our web platform, we came out with Web Forms, then MVC, then Web API and finally Signal R. When I start looking at what the next big thing is for us and where we see web developers going is building a lot more logic in the client tier, so you know building a lot more JavaScript running in the browser that talks to some back end, hopefully a dot net backend, on a server and so that is one of the next big focuses for our team this next year is how do we take a technology like AngularJS and build tooling inside of Visual Studio  that can make the audience for AngularJS the same type of audience that uses MVC and Web Forms today. So we look at this as a very interesting space. So we are going to do a bunch of work across our HTML, JavaScript, CSS editors to make that a first class experience.”

I have slightly edited that quote for brevity and please, listen for yourself to get a much clearer perspective. Angular is coming to Visual Studio and ASP.NET MVC/Web API in a major way.

So what I am doing to get my Angular skills up to date is listening to the podcasts above and starting to wrap my head around a new technology. Listening to the podcasts while driving, jogging, working out, mowing the lawn, whatever. I listen to other professionals talk about it. This requires minimal time on my part. One great resourceis an hour long youTube video by Dan Wahlin. He does a great job for an introduction. He even uses Visual Studio as his IDE for this demo, so you will feel very comfortable. Here it is:

AngularJS Fundamentals In 60-ish Minutes

Dan Wahlin also has a paid course called “The AngularJS JumpStart Video Training Course” which is probably Class A material, but I have not paid for this course or viewed it.

Next I would recommend a video screencast from a wonderful lady by the name of Sayanee who takes an amazing amount of time every other week to put together a screencast on her website of different technologies and although she caters to the Mac crowd, her videos are invaluable to anyone. The video I recommend watching is her Angular JS screencast:

Build Podcast 056 AngularJS

From here I think you will be ready to jump into a few Pluralsight courses to do some deeper diving into using Angular with Visual Studio and ASP.NET and what better courses than

AngularJS Fundamentals

which is a prerequisite to….

AngularJS for .NET Developers

This is simply the path I have taken as an ASP.NET developer to Level Up my own skills. I believe AngularJS is the future of how we build front end functionality in our Microsoft Web Technologies or at the very least it is the next logical step. But AngularJS is also a highly sought after skill for developers outside of the ASP.NET arena.

I hope you find the information I have provided to be useful. As I gain forward progress through the Jungular or ng-wilderness, I will update this post and/or bring you new content that is ASP.NET realted, Responsive in nature and chock full-O-AJAX as always. I think Angular is a natural progression from the normal Responsive Dot Net content that you are use to here and will be a welcomed technology to my growing development stack and content for this web blog!

If you cannot go the Pluralsight route or just want some more FREE Angualar tutorials, here are a few resources for both STRAIGHT UP ANGULAR & ANGULAR USING DOT NET



AngularJS end-to-end Web API tutorial Part I

AngularJS end-to-end Web API tutorial Part II

AngularJS end-to-end Web API tutorial Part III

I will leave you with a few more interesting Pluralsight videos in this category that look interesting and are on my radar:

Even though I am a strong advocate of Foundation 5, it is a fact that Bootstrap is the go to Responsive Framework for Angular and ASP.NET at the current time because of Microsoft shipping it in MVC and Web Forms and all the work done by AngularUI Bootstrap for the Angular Framework, so Foundation 5 aside… this sounds like a great course:
Building a Site with Bootstrap, AngularJS, ASP.NET, EF and Azure

These two are pretty self explanatory courses that are advanced AngularJS courses, and it shows that if you want to learn AngularJS, you might want to join Pluralsight for a few months, they got your covered from beginning to end:
Angular Best Practices

AngularJS In-Depth

Finally a course from one of my favorite podcasters, if you don’t know who Rob Conery is, you must go listen to his EPIC Developer Podcast at This Developers Life. His aim in this course is to move quickly beyond “fun demos” and into the weeds, encountering issues/solutions that you will have to face when working with Angular on a daily basis:
Application Building Patterns with AngularJS

So have a few drinks, fire up the podcasts/screencasts and Get Angular tonight!

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