Http Junkie Podcasting Awards 2013

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I put together a list of my favorite podcasts of 2013. I have been listening to these shows for the entire year and have selected what I think are some of the most interesting, informational and entertaining episodes of the year. This way you don’t have to sit through any bad ones. Here are what episodes I think make the best of the best in 2013.

Best #podcasts of 2013!

Woman Coder of the Year Lea Verou is interviewed Jefferey Zeldman:
Lea Verou on The Big Web Show

Girl Dev Interview of the Year Jen Meyers makes it look easy.
(Founder Columbus, Ohio chapter of Girl Develop It,)
Jen Meyers on The Tablet Show

Crossover of the year award!
Shoptalk Vs JS Jabber

Crossover podcast of the year runner up!
JS Jabber Vs Hanselminutes

Best production quality for a single podcast
This Developer’s Life – Space

Two great podcasters talk it out (The Changelog visits The East WIng)
Adam Stacoviak Vs Tim Smith

Best Insight Into Responsive Design
Ethan Marcotte on Breaking Development Podcast

Young Hustler of the year award!
Talking to a real developer, great inspiring interview..
Toni Gemayel on Young Guns

Best interview of the year!
Scott Hanselman Vs Douglas Crockford

Most SASSY podcast of the year!
Dan Cederholm discuss fear of CSS pre-processors

Most useful info (.NET & Beyond) packed into one episode (HERDING CODE #178)
Async, C# Syntax, AngularJS & Document DB’s

I was more excited about the airing of this podcast than any other this year
(Playas of the year award!)
Jonathan Smiley and Mark Hayes Introduce Zurb’s Foundation 5 on The Change Log

Most interesting look into .Net Languages (Fly On The Wall Award!)
Eric Lippert on Stack Exchange Podcast

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