Download All Google Fonts!

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Google has released the google fonts repo in the recent months, here is a link to that up to date repo.

Googles Font Repository:

This article was written in November of 2014, the Google repo’s first commit was created in March 6,2015! And the repo in this article now directs people or machines to that repository instead.

Skip the BS and get em here:
Google Font Directory on Github

credit: Andrew W0ng

BEWARE: Installing all of these fonts onto your machine at once may affect the speed at which your Programs (like Photoshop) take to startup or preview fonts. Once you dump them in it can be hard to weed the unwanted ones out afterwards. I would suggest putting them all in a directory and slowly integrating your favorite fonts into your font folder as you go.

If you are like me you have gone to Google Fonts before just to get one or two fonts and you need to use them locally or you are using them in a Photoshop mockup or maybe your breaking all type boundaries and using them in print(This is totally possible). The problem is, you are use to previewing your fonts in a font manager or maybe just inside Photoshop or your favorite editor, you don’t want to keep going back to Google Fonts each time you want to play with a different font and you want to have all weights and versions. Well luckily someone decided to mirror Google Fonts on github, so you can go and download a zip for windows or a tarball for Mac/Linux. I’m sure that if you are smart enough you can even figure out how to roll that up into a command and run it on any computer you want to pull it down to.

There are a few articles out there that hint at having the solution for downloading all of them, but in order to find a real solution that doesn’t involve checking every single font checkbox on google fonts or using a third party font app, you will have to sift through the angry comments on why that article is “has a pretty dubious short title, and should be ‘How to Download The Entire Google Fonts Catalog with SkyFonts’ ” just to find this github link. We end that silly nonsense today!

Well hopefully people will find this article with a big ass link at the top of the page with the solution!

Your benevolent code fiend..

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