Top 10 cloud-based tools for devs

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VentureBeat created an index of the most exciting cloud-based services for devs. If you do not know about these services, you are probably a bit behind the times as a developer. But that’s OK. There is a lot going on in the developer world right now and a lot of stuff to learn. My idea is to just try and stay abreast of any new technology, cloud-based services and tools and learn as much as I can about them. One place I have started this training is at Plural Sight. I have found a whole category on cloud-based development with courses on Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon and more. It’s a great time to be a developer. I suggest checking out their list, these tools and services have been validated by momentum in the market, that means devs like it.

The Top 10 cloud based tools for developers

I am very interested in the code editing side of things, a few of my favorite or ones that I have had experience with are:

Code Pen
Cloud 9
Code Envy (Great supporting website and documentation)

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