Best of The Web Ahead Podcast for 2014

Share on..I have been posting the most recent podcasts of about every devcast there is over the past year. Somehow, when I relisted my links for 2014 I deleted The Web Ahead and somehow forgot about them. They have not been on my radar since December of of 2013. So I have decided to […]

Using GoDaddy SQL Server w/ ASP.NET MVC5 & Code First

Share on..So even though I am a huge proponent of using Foundation over Bootstrap. This tutorial will be focused on the basic MVC5 APplication which utilizes Bootstrap. Once you are done with this tutorial I have several other tutorials specifically on removing Bootstrap & adding Foundation. They are both great Frameworks. In fact I […]

Google Docs with Syntax Highlighting

Share on..At the time of this writing the best option for adding syntax highlighting to doce inside a google doc is NOT by creating you code in a separate website or program and copying that into the google doc and hoping that it retains the color/formatting of the previous editor. But now we have […]

SVG graphics not working in Windows Server/IIS 7.5

Share on..The only reason I put IIS 7.5 in the post is because that is the example I provide here, but the instructions are similar on older versions of IIS, just find the MIME Types and you should be able to use the same values. So most of my new sites have been using […]

Ruby on Rails in Windows 8

Share on..As of this writing the most stable version of Ruby is 1.9.3p545 I installed Ruby first not knowing that Rails Installer actually has Ruby packaged in it. So I may have two different installs of Ruby on my Machine. One at C:\Ruby193 and the other in C:\RailsInstaller\Ruby1.9.3 This tutorial (documentation for myself) starts […]

So You Want to Get Angular Mr Dot Net?

Share on..If you are not aware that the future of Micrtosoft ASP.Net MVC & Web API will be integrating Angular into the mix within the next few updates of not only the .NET Framework but also Visual Studio, you probably have not listened to this podcast: Yet Another Podcast – Show 119 ASP NET, […]

Developer Podcasts (Devcasts) in 2014

Share on..Best Devcasts of 2014: Web Development .NET Rocks Hanselminutes Javascript Jabber The Web Ahead This Developers Life Shop Talk Show Code Pen Radio The Big Web Show The Changelog Happy Monday The Dirt Pencil vs Pixel How To Hold a Pencil Herding Code 3 Devs and a Maybe Get Up And Code Mobile […]

ASP.NET MVC 5 Image Upload & Delete w/ Calculated Property

Share on..So I have had the need for an implementation of Uploading and Deleting a single image for a product on a few of my client websites where the requirements call for no more than one image for each product. My solution is creating a calculated property within my POCO class that strips the […]

Demo Your Dev Skills And Level Up!

Share on..This article is about what you should do when putting yourself out there and speaking at local tech meetups or even large scale conferences, the mindset you need to have and how to get the most out of these events and things you should do to put yourself in the right place at […]

Session Links for Designing Responsively in ASP.NET MVC

Share on..From my Session at Orlando Code Camp (March 22, 2014) Designing Responsively in ASP.NET MVC 5 Here are the links that I used to develop the session and/or good places to go to learn about anything I covered in the session. Thank you for coming out to Orlando Code Camp if you made […]