Creating a simple LiveTemplate in WebStorm

Share on..Live Templates are similar┬áto Snippets from other IDE’s but are very flexible and extensible in JetBrain’s WebStorm. And your Live Template can be a single line of code or few lines of code (like a control structure) or a very advanced template that takes up 50 lines on code. It’s really up to […]

Upgrading ng-app to use Controller as (Pluralsight Course)

Share on..This post is created to help others that are using the wonderful course from Pluralsight titled: Building a Site with Bootstrap, AngularJS, ASP.NET, EF and Azure by Shawn Wildermuth I understand that these courses can get outdated quickly when using something like Angular which is changing so rapidly and I wanted to learn […]

Dive Into Everything!

Share on..Getting into web design or development is like swimming in a rip current. If you don’t just let go and let the current take you for a ride you will exhaust yourself trying to go about it the wrong way. What the hell does that mean Eric? To me it means that web […]

Adobe cancels license management for CS2 Suite

Photoshop CS2

Share on..So this is not breaking news, but during the Holidays I find myself at family members homes sometimes helping with downloading images off the camera and finding it frustrating that they don’t have every design and development tool I would have on my computer. In particular you would like to have some form […]

Download All Google Fonts!

Share on..Skip the BS and get em here:Google Font Directory on Github credit: Andrew W0ng BEWARE: Installing all of these fonts onto your machine at once may affect the speed at which your Programs (like Photoshop) take to startup or preview fonts. Once you dump them in it can be hard to weed the […]

Use ASP.NET MVC to Connect to MongoDB

Share on..I have recently ran into huge pain points when using MVC for doing things server side when I could be doing them client side and sometimes that also translates into headaches with SQL Server on the back end side because the technologies I’m using on the front end talk a different language as […]

Install MongoDB on Windows 8

Share on..Installing MongoDB on Windows 7 or 8 1) Go to and select the option to download the latest product release forWindows and you will have an option of choosing 32 bit or 64 bit. A 32 bit install has a limitation of about 2 GB of data. For developing, 32 bit is […]

Launch Sublime Text in Windows Command Line

Share on..As I start to delve into the JavaScript development world, I am using the command line more and more often as well as ditching Visual Studio for small projects or demos, etc.. Either way, I was looking for a way to launch Sublime Text from the Windows Command line. Below are the steps […]

Scaffold divs with T4 Template for Foundation 5 in MVC

Share on.. Disclaimer: I have had problems following this tutorial in MVC 5.1, if anyone knows why or how to effectively edit the T4 templates for scaffolding in the most recent versions of MVC please contact me. Use this tutorial at your own risk. I’m going to relay the instructions I used to do […]

Best of The Web Ahead Podcast for 2014

Share on..I have been posting the most recent podcasts of about every devcast there is over the past year. Somehow, when I relisted my links for 2014 I deleted The Web Ahead and somehow forgot about them. They have not been on my radar since December of of 2013. So I have decided to […]